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Bill Demonkos is a filmmaker and stereoscopist base in San Francisco; his work combines computer animation, live footage, still photography and manipulated archive film footage. I recently discovered this artist while searching through different sites that promote random and interesting works of arts from different mediums. In his latest project he remixes archival footage and photos into surreal animations. The GIFs are random and expressed through dark humorous animations.

 Artist Bill Domonkos
Photo: c1909. Animation by Bill Dominos. Source: thisiscolossal.com Article: Artist Bill Domonkos Remixes Archival Footage and Photos into Surreal Animations by Christopher Jobson on June 1

From his artist statement he expressed his passion for creating new kinds of experiences through his work and stated, “I am interested in the poetics of time and space—to renew and transform materials, experiences and ideas.”

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